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Towleroad Gay News
Fri Dec 3 10:07:28 2021 GMT

The music of ‘West Side Story’, from Bernstein to Metallica
469892 origin 1Published by AFP Leonard Bernstein (R), who died in 1990, had not expected the score to have such a long life Paris (AFP) – Leonard Bernstein’s score for “West Side Story” has become so ubiquitous in Western culture that it has popped up in such unlikely places as Metallica and Wu-Tang Clan albums.  The original […]
Prince William Had ‘Cyber Relationship’ With Britney Spears Before Kate Middleton Romance, Author Claims
469872 origin 1Published by OK Magazine MEGA Britney Spears is known as the Princess of Pop, but she may have actually had a chance at becoming a real royal if her alleged relationship with Prince William took off. According to biographerChristopher Anderson, the Duke of Cambridge had an online connection with Spears and Lauren Bush prior to […]
United States is world’s biggest plastic polluter, report finds
469723 origin 1  Published by AFP   A volunteer collects plastic waste on an island of the Etang de Berre, France Washington (AFP) – The United States is by far the biggest contributor to global plastic waste in the world, according to a new report submitted to the federal government Wednesday that called for a national strategy […]
Alec Baldwin on fatal movie set shooting; ‘I didn’t pull the trigger’
469727 origin 1Published by Reuters By Jill Serjeant LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -Alec Baldwin said he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed a cinematographer on the movie set of “Rust,” while investigators in New Mexico zeroed in on how live ammunition may have found its way to the set. Baldwin, who was holding a […]
Facebook Takes Out Anti-Vaccine Movement Harassing Doctors; Linked to Vandalism of Hospitals and Planned Disruption of Vaccine Programs
469707 origin 1  Published by AFP   Facebook takes aim at anti-Covid vaccine campaign harassing doctors and journalists San Francisco (AFP) – Facebook’s parent company Meta said Wednesday it had derailed an anti-vaccine campaign that harassed medical workers, journalists and elected officials, in a signal of the ongoing pressure from coronavirus pandemic-tied misinformation.  The social media giant […]
BK 99’s Stephanie Beatriz Says Even Her Favorite Shows Spread Bisexual Myths That It’s A Hyper-Promiscuous , Manipulative Phase
469666 origin 1  Published by BANG Showbiz English   Stephanie Beatriz hates how bisexual people are sometimes portrayed on TV. The 40-year-old actress came out as bisexual in 2016, but she resents how various shows have peddled myths about the community over the years. Reflecting on her experience of watching one particular episode of ‘Sex and the […]
Not Just A ‘Gala’: New York Met Donation, $125 Million, is Museum’s Biggest Ever; Will Go To Renovate Modern and Contemporary Art Spaces
met donation met gala  Published by AFP   New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the city’s top tourist attractions, has received a record $125 million donation to renovate its modern and contemporary art spaces New York (AFP) – A Chinese-American couple has donated a record $125 million to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to renovate […]
White House asks government to buy more from small disadvantaged businesses
469774 origin 1Published by Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House on Thursday unveiled plans to ask federal agencies to direct at least 11% of contract dollars spent to disadvantaged small businesses next year, up from an average of 9.8% over the last five years. The small increase, which would go well beyond the 5% required by […]
Prince Harry pens letter to mark World AIDS Day
469753 origin 1Published by BANG Showbiz English Prince Harry has praised AIDS activists for “leading the call for COVID-19 vaccine equity”. The 37-year-old royal has written a letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – the director-general of the World Heath Organization – and UNAIDS executive director Winnie Byanyima to mark World AIDS Day on Wednesday (01.12.21). In […]
Donald Trump Reportedly Tested Positive For COVID 3 Days Before 2020 Debate Against Joe Biden, Former Chief Of Staff Claims
469735 origin 1Published by OK Magazine Mega Donald Trump allegedly tested positive for COVID just three days before he faced off against President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential debate, according to a new book written by his former chief of staff. In an excerpt from The Chief’s Chief — obtained by The Guardian — Mark Meadows […]
Stacey Abrams announces second bid for governor of Georgia state
469719 origin 1Published by Reuters By Alexandra Ulmer and Joseph Ax (Reuters) – Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams said on Wednesday that she is running again for governor of Georgia, setting up a potential rematch against Republican Governor Brian Kemp in a state that has become a key battleground in U.S. elections. “Opportunity and success in Georgia […]
Biden marks World AIDS Day with plan to eradicate disease
469711 origin 1Published by AFP US President Joe Biden is joined by Marguerite Wheeler-Lara, mother of HIV/AIDS advocate Gabriel Maldonado, during a World AIDS Day commemoration at White House Washington (AFP) – President Joe Biden marked World AIDS Day on Wednesday with a speech declaring that an end to the epidemic in the United States is within […]
Ivanka Trump Charm Offensive: Rich-Girl Tolerated By Mourning Ultra-Fashion Crowd; Her First Time Seen Since Dad Was Called A ‘Girl Hound’; Jeffrey Epstein ‘Wingman’
469699 origin 1They do NOT have a boat called "It was all a Dream" You got to be kidding me. Ivanka Trump dons pink mini dress to attend Louis Vuitton fashion show https://t.co/wANoNT3WPp — Towleroad (@tlrd) December 2, 2021   Published by Radar Online   MEGA Ivanka Trump put on a happy face and acted like nothing […]
US Supreme Court appears likely to roll back abortion rights
469695 origin 1Published by AFP Demonstrators gathered outside the US Supreme Court as the justices heard a case that could roll back abortion rights Washington (AFP) – The conservative-dominated Supreme Court appeared poised Wednesday to roll back abortion rights in the United States by upholding a law in the southern state of Mississippi that would ban the […]
Hungary parliament clears way for government’s LGBT referendum as election nears
469682 origin 1Published by Reuters By Krisztina Than BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary’s parliament passed a resolution on Tuesday which will empower the government to hold a referendum on LGBT issues, raising Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s anti-LGBT campaign to a new level as he heads into a tough election race next year. Orban, a nationalist who has been […]
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