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Seeking This: We meet & kiss passionately. I lube your hole & finger it - bend you over & rim you. I sit down & you suck my cock-balls-hole bringing my seed from my sack into my shaft - nearing climax - edging stops. I take you to bed - we kiss & suck cock & then I fuck you - mission, doggie & you ride it. In-between each Fucking position you suck & clean my cock - we kiss more. You edge my cock to near climax again. We go back to bed & repeat each Fucking position - repeat - repeat. You fuck me if we both 'feel' it. I eventual cum - so do you. I'm ready to take you to Nirvana - are YOU willing to go there with me? If all that sounds like something you desire - apply for position of boy or slave. YOU should be in good shape with a High Sexual Desire. The only drug I do is 420 - but don't care what you do - as long as whatever it is does not make you paranoid or lose your HARD ON. For more detailed information about me just access My Web Site. You will have to ask for the link when you message me as I cannot list it here - however if your savvy enough you could probably figure out the link via the name of the book which is, Finding My Banana Bread Man. I am a 63 year old retired gay male living in PS California. I am HIV(-) (Note - I don't care if you're HIV ). I was originally from Michigan's UP and moved to AZ 28 years ago. I moved to PS California 18 months ago. I worked in Government (UI) for nearly 30 years prior to retiring. I lost my partner of 27 years to a GBM tumor nearly 8 years ago. I wrote a book about that life changing experience - which is detailed in the web site I mentioned above. I like to go to movies/swim/play cribbage/watch political news programs/read books & garden. I also like to write - and help individuals who have experienced the loss of a mate. My life is not complicated. Some people may see it as boring, however, I have found that it is the everyday boring moments in life - that IS life. The reality is that life 'just happens.' Its all those boring moments - that 'just happen' that are the fabric of your life - & my life. They are all stitched together with all the other pieces of joy & sorry - magnificent highs & tragic lows that create the overall image of who each of us are as individuals - & who each of us are as mates. All those supposed 'boring moments' are the glue that holds it all together. My emotions run deep - they ebb/flow - they wax/wane - they are sometimes perceived to be boring - but they are always there - with a steady hand on the rudder - determined, strong, & loving I have had three partners in my life - one died after 27 years - his name was Jack. Go back to my web site &book - it explains that entire relationship &that piece of my life. If you seek to understand me you would need to visit the web site. If you just have to know more - then read the book. You will laugh & cry - its a love story. The second relationship was a wonderful learning experience with another dear man - his name is Ray. Uniquely different from the first - and special in its own loving way. The third man died in October 2014 - I had only known him one year - but he had become the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with - his loss was devastating - and I miss him so very much. His name was Rick. Both men were loved by me in my own distinctive way. If my uttering their names would upset you then you will never understand me. A persons past is an important part of who they are - part of 'my life quilt' - so to speak. It is time to add another beautiful piece to 'that quilt' - could that be you? I am not looking for your sexual faithfulness nor am I expecting that limitation to be placed on me. What I am looking for is an emotional bond with a man & a man who recognizes that that is possible.

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