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Proud, Out, Active, Versatile, Grandfather
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mrsunshinecan Male 81 Gay Relationship
I am a very Versatile, Spiritual, Sexual, Physical, Man Loving men, Grandfather. My interest here is to find a friend to build a relationship. I love creative people who challenge the box most live within. I can bne reached at my Email. I am a Published photographer, Writer of poetry and some prose. I have a very Loving family and have been out long before I knew what my Hard Cock was for. At 12 years old it was taught to me. Then the world of men opened up!! I laugh, cry and enjoy loving the whole body of a man. I am living a very adventurous life. I love my work as an Energy Healer/Life Coach and full time actor. Please contact me and let's see if we both enjoy that adventure together. ONly come to me if you think you are in Positive support of my well being. That's how I will come to you. A face picture is necedssary to begin.
Toronto Ontario

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