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I am loving and seriously looking for my partner in life- for a Long Term Relationship...sorry not here for hook ups... love to have someone who can communicate and sincere in his words and love to see my man in Video cam by proper talking (not foolish)--i am for real .. By the way i am romantic ,trustworthy and a one man gay and is expecting to have the same in my partner. Hope to look for someone genuine and very committed -because once we like each other then we need to keep the momentum- its easy to say the word love but to keep it and maintain it is hard to do.. Hoping the chemistry would also be there -doing the same activities together . Enjoy each others passionate emotions, share expenses in day to day living, and connect ourselves emotionally . Arguments can be controlled by proper ethics and respecting each other is the key. Talking is the best solution to understand each other and compromise should be a priority especially i am Asian which has a different culture from Whites so i have had some ways that would defer from you- i guess tolerance also is important by learning each others likes and dislikes, we can meet half way just to maintain each others pleasure and be there for each other no matter what happens. Being a couple means to hold you in times of happiness and sorrow. I need you so please do send your message because even a certain word like ' Hello' really counts on me.. In the romantic side of me i like kissing ,loves to cuddle and would like to satisfy my man in bed - i am bottom so hopefully to find you as a top and we can talk some areas of sex that you like or positions to satisfy each other . I also enjoy simple pleasures in life that money cannot buy . I am low maintenance person and not extravagant, just a simple romantic guy here who has a passion to love and care for the person -i am with you even if you get sick and lonely, be with you till you get old and no problem for me to take care of you even in hospital and bring you to the toilet . Lets face it everybody gets old and its lonely when we reach that point in time but you need not worry - if you have me now then its certain that you can have me till we both gets old -for better or for worse honey. It takes that simple message of yours to have me by your side- send a message , cheers !
Edmonton Alberta

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