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Back in Palm Springs, CA. . Would love to make contact with guys in that area. Married my partner November 23rd of 2013. Love living in the Desert... Play well with others, separately or together.. Scouting out the territory. HIV neg as of October 16, 2019. Mature W/M, 5'08', 149 lb.,shaved head, blue eyes,, tanned,toned,moderate hairy,6'cut cock that works sometimes, sometimes not, nice tight balls. I have warm lips, wet mouth,deep throat,HOT probing tongue and gentle exploring hands to suck cock,balls, Nipples and all over and under to completion and gently massage your nice balls for the last drops. Love it all done to me. Lots of body contact, loving and foreplay... Men should be able do what is mutual and/or consensual between them from mild to ... Contact me and lets see what we can do. I am an older mature man. Give me a shout and let's see what happens. LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.... Would love to find male groups , both nude and otherwise for social, play and to find a nude Yoga and nude Hiking group and others.

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