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Towleroad Gay News
Mon Apr 12 09:07:25 2021 GMT

Tom Holland to Play Billy Milligan in ‘The Crowded Room’ Season 1; First to Use ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ as a Criminal Defense
Tom HollandTom Holland’s star exploded when he began playing Spider-Man five years back. But now, perhaps fearing being known only as Peter Parker, he’s out to remind everyone he was an acclaimed actor before ever getting bitten by a radioactive spider all the way back to his stage work in “Billy Elliott” and his remarkable screen […]
RuPaul’s Drag Race: Four Tops? Now That’s What I Call A Party [RECAP and RANKINGS]
RuPaul’s Drag Race is usually good at making sure its finale features distinct performance styles, but this season’s final crop of queens feels particularly strong. If you passed through gay Twitter in the last week, you no doubt came across the meme featuring the final four as Charisma (Symone), Uniqueness (Gottmik), Nerve (Kandy) and Talent […]
NRA Leader Can’t Read Room; Biden’s Court Commission; Late Breaking Volcano; Cher; Why BDSM?; HOT LINKS Bear Edition
Late Breaking Volcano erupts in southern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines (near Mustique) sparking evacuation ‘frenzy’ By Robertson S. Henry ROSE HALL, St Vincent and the Grenadines (Reuters) -La Soufriere volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted on Friday after decades of inactivity, sending dark plumes of ash and smoke billowing […]
South African Queer War Drama ‘Moffie’: Repression, Intimacy, War and Apartheid: REVIEW
moffieMoffie tackles many issues without resolution intimacy and passion, repression and passing, brutal apartheid, racist indoctrination and more
Briefs We’re Watching: Gaetz Wild Life; ‘Keep Knocking’ DA Not Prosecuting ; Chauvin Tossed Under Blue Line; Maxwell; Giuliani And ‘Big Lie’; Hot Links II
Joel Greenberg Agrees To Cooperate With Justice Dept. In Rep. Matt Gaetz Investigation Gaetz Wild Life: Former South Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, currently in police custody under a slew of charges including sex trafficking of a minor, stalking, bribery and defrauding the COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program, has agreed to cooperate with the Justice Department. Greenberg […]
Prince Dead; New Prince this Summer, First Track: ‘Land of the free / home of the slave’ LISTEN Now. Plus News Links (Pt. 1)
Prince Dead; New Prince this Summer, Just Dropped 1st Track: 'Land of the free / home of the slave' LISTEN. And News Links
LGBTQ Conversion Practices Cause More Severe Trauma and PTSD Than We Thought …Study Also Find Faith Helps With Recovery
lgbtq conversion practicesLGBTQ Conversion Practices Cause More Severe Trauma and PTSD Than We Thought ...Study Also Find Faith Helps With Recovery
A Pop-Up, Shirtless ‘Hunky Man Cleaning Service’ that Comes Home With You. A First For This Conservative City.
'Hunky Man Cleaning Service' is the first shirtless house cleaning service, or anything like it in this conservative city. But hurry. It's just a pop up.
‘Crown’ Princess Diana, Emma Corrin, seemingly comes out: ‘Your favourite queer bride’
Emma Corrin has seemingly come out as “queer”. The ‘Crown’ star took to Instagram on Wednesday (07.04.21) to share some images from her Pop magazine feature where she is dressed up as a bride, and referred to herself as a “queer bride” in the caption. She wrote alongside the images: “ur fave queer bride “#POP44 […]
Rep. Matt Gaetz to headline women’s gala, a pro Trump women’s gala, amid sex trafficking probe scandal
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is expected to speak at a “Women for America First” gala in the Sunshine State this Friday as he remains under fire over allegations that he paid for sex with an underage girl. Gaetz, who vehemently denies the shocking allegations, will be the keynote speaker at the “Save America Summit,” which […]
With veto override, Arkansas bans treatment for trans youth.
Washington (AFP) – Arkansas became the first US state to ban gender-affirming medical treatment for transgender youth Tuesday when the state legislature overrode a veto of a new law by governor Asa Hutchinson. Rejecting Hutchinson’s argument on Monday that the measure gave the state too much power over the decisions made by trans youth, their […]
Axios reporting: Caitlyn Jenner Might Run For Governor of California in Upcoming Recall Election
Caitlyn Jenner Might runAxios reporting: Caitlyn Jenner Might Run For Governor Run for Governor of California in Upcoming Recall Election
There’s Something About … Rod Stewart used mayonnaise to create iconic hair style
Sir Rod Stewart created his famous spiked hair style by using mayonnaise. The ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ singer used the egg and oil based condiment to ensure his locks always stood up straight and his unusual method was copied by Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott. The lid has been lifted on Rod’s mayo mastery […]
Today Dear Abby Tells an Older Man That It’s The Way He Thinks About His Gay Brother That’s ‘disgusting’.
Today Dear Abby: Longest ally for 65 years the column passed from mother to daughter, both supportive and hugely empathetic to LGBTQ people of all ages. Even if they are weird.
‘Not a monk’: Rep. Matt Gaetz defends himself against sex charges as ex-staffer offers support
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., defended himself Monday against allegations involving sex with underage girls and trafficking as a former congressional aide stepped forward to vouch for his embattled ex-boss. The staunchly pro-Trump lawmaker used very specific phrases to deny having sex with a 17-year-old and paying for sex. But the 38-year-old also acknowledged having an […]
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